Wholesale Information

We would love to expand where our products are sold. Below are some FAQs. Interested in having our products in your store? Drop us a note here!

You have too many products for my location, can I just purchase a couple?
Yes. We do have 10 items in our product line. Whether you want to have just 1 or all 10 in your location is perfect for us.

Is there a minimum product amount?
Yes. We require you to purchase a minimum of a half case per item.

Any discounts for larger orders?
Currently our wholesale pricing is set so no matter if someone buys a half case or 10 cases, it will be the same price.

When is payment due?
Payment is due at the time of delivery. Sorry, no checks.

Will you help in advertising products at our location?
Yes! We will post it on our social media accounts. We also have a food cart that we can come to your location and sell food that features our products. We will not sell our products while at your location. Our goal is to get people to try the sauces on our food cart and then go into your location to purchase the products to take home.

Are your products shelf stable?
Yes. All our items have a shelf life of at least one year.

Can we try your products before buying wholesale?
Yes. If you are in the Phoenix area, we are glad to stop by with samples. If you are outside of Phoenix, we can work out to ship samples. Just contact us here!