Taco Bell Chicken Wings Review 2022

I will be honest, when I first heard Taco Bell was going to tryout chicken wings, I got very excited. Not because I love Taco Bell but because I love chicken wings! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Taco Bell. They are the closest fast food to my house so often times in a pinch, I just go through their drive thru window for a quick and easy meal. But, when I heard they were going to offer chicken wings, I marked it on my calendar.

Well, today is the day! Right at 2pm my wife and I placed an order for the wings to try them. My wife and I love eating chicken wings. The only other thing we eat more of is probably nachos. The first thing I thought of when I opened the box of wings was they were a little on the small side. But, for the price, I really can’t complain. I have been hearing about all the chicken wing shortages and food places switching over to thighs. So, for $5.99 I really can’t complain. It also made me think about the chicken wing shortages. If Taco Bell has been ramping up their order of chicken wings all over the country for this one week of selling them, could that be one of the causes of the shortage?

Anyways, the first thing I did was try the spicy ranch dip. Little bit of heat but overall not spicy in my opinion. I think most people could eat the ranch and not think it was too spicy. I took my first bite of the wing and all I can say was it tasted like a chicken wing! It was good, I really like the seasoning on the wings. Now I am not normally a fan of dry seasoned chicken wings, but these were good. I still prefer having my wings tossed in some sort of sauce. The chicken itself was moist and I could tell they were freshly cooked. I was afraid that they might have made a ton up and left them in a warmer which could dry them out. But, these wings tasted fresh and not dry.

There are a couple of things I thought of that could possibly make them better. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to go back at least 2 or 3 more times to buy more over the course of this week because I did like them. With any food, you can normally make it a bit better and these are my suggestions.

  • I am a blue cheese guy with my wings. Blue cheese would be amazing with these kind of wings. I make my own blue cheese so Taco Bell if you need some help with a recipe, hit me up!
  • As I mentioned I am a sauce guy on my wings. Would love to have had the option to have them tossed in a buffalo sauce. Again, if needed hit me up, I have a few different buffalo sauce recipes I can share!
  • The only other thing I thought of is how great would this be as a combo meal with a taco. 5 chicken wings and a taco sound like a perfect Taco Bell meal if you ask me!

There is my honest review and feedback. I also posted a photo of my wings below. I think it is fun that Taco Bell is trying out wings. It is different for them, but I feel like they have been doing this since their menu shake up. I will still patiently wait for Taco Bell to bring back the Mexican pizza. I hear rumors that could happen sometime in 2022!

If you tried the chicken wings from Taco Bell or just have general feedback feel free to leave a comment or email me bobby at spicytavern.com  Thank you for reading!


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